India Rummy App Download for Android

India Rummy App in Sign up bonus of ₹12 is available. This 74MB application is available for all Android mobile and tablet devices.

In this application you have to first create an account on India Rummy to get ₹12 signup bonus. To create an account, first of all, you can create an account with guest or mobile number. The ₹10 bonus is credited to your wallet as soon as the account is created. After that the daily bonus is 2 rupees.

India Rummy App

Application Details

OS : Android
Version : 1.1.6
Type : casino
Category : Card Games
Size : 74MB
Bonus : ₹12
Daily Bonus : Available

India Rummy App in Available Games list

1. Teen Patti
2. Rummy
3. Rummy Card
4. Ak 47
5. Joker
6. Mufliss
7. Ek Patti
8. Red vs Black
9. Lucky Dream

In this, taking VIP gives Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus and Monthly Bonus. If you get more VIP, you get more bonus.

How To money Add in India Rummy App

If you want to add money on this app then it is very easy. Inside the application, you have been given and Store button at the bottom on the right side corner. After clicking that button, you have to select any one amount. After that you have to click on the Add cash button again. After that you see the payment gateway option. You can add money from your preferred wallet.

If you do the first recharge on this application, then you recharge ₹100, then you get a bonus of ₹10 separately. Similarly, if you recharge ₹500, then you get an extra ₹50 bonus.

How to Withdrawal in India Rummy App

You must be at least more than ₹100 to take the money won from this application. On the other hand, you can withdraw money through your bank account and UPI if the refer & earn is more than ₹100. At present 5 withdrawals can be done in a day. All the money is credited to your bank account immediately. View all the history of withdrawal of money. For any problem, you can take suggestions by clicking on the service provided by the company.

How to Earn money through Using India Rummy Refer and Earn Programme

If you want to earn money by referring then refer and earn button is given in the left side corner inside the application. After clicking on it, an invite program of 50000 will appear. Below that WhatsApp Facebook Copy Link option will appear. You can earn money by sharing wherever you want. Whichever friend joins through this link, you get an invite bonus of ₹20. If he adds money along with it, then also you get 50 percent commission in your wallet. Here also you are given the option to withdraw the money. Instant payment is done in this.



India Rummy App is luck based gaming application.We Don’t recommend any people to play game. it is your own responsible to download the application and Own risk. We just a article publisher on website


1. How many rupees bonus is available in this application?
Ans . ₹12 Welcome bonus

2. Is India Rummy application avilable for laptop ?

Ans. NO

3. Does this application get instant withdrawal money ?

Ans. Yes

4. How much money does the referral 1 refer person get in this application ?

Ans. ₹20

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India Rummy App Download for Android

India Rummy App in Sign up bonus of ₹12 is available. This 74MB application is available for all Android mobile and tablet devices. In this application you have to first…

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