Dragon vs Tiger Best win Tricks

dragon vs tiger

Today on this page we will tell you Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks. First of all, we are telling you that only this will be applicable from this application of ours. If you are downloading any other application then this trick will not be applicable in that Dragon vs Tiger game.

On this page we are telling you that we have won from ₹60 to ₹10000. You will get complete information about it on this page. First of all you have to download this application. After that at least up to ₹100 will have to be deposited. Then you can play Ace Dragon vs Tiger game.

Dragon vs Tiger Win Tricks

First we started the game with ₹60 and at the same time the previous Tie came. When mercy comes, whatever must have come in its first 16 records is a full chance to come. So we put ₹60 on Tiger and won. After that we put ₹110 on the dragon and that too won. Dragon side Begum opened and Tiger side 9 came. Then in the same way we put ₹200 on Tiger and we won here too. At that time my wallet balance was ₹420.

After that I put ₹400 on the dragon but we had won this too. The five and the 4’s card was open, adding the two becomes a 9. 9 has to be given a point, after that 10 has to be divided into two. It will be five and below 6 means the dragon is coming. We followed that trick and put ₹840 on the dragon and we won here too. After that we skipped one round and saw the number two card came next to the dragon and the number 7 card came next to the tiger. Then using the trick that will tell above, we put 16 rupees on the dragon and won.

Started Dragon vs Tiger game from ₹60 till now my wallet balance is more than 3000. After that we skipped one round. After that we put ₹500 on the dragon and won. If you want to play like us, then you should download this application by clicking on the download button. So far we have won up to ₹7800. Now we have gone here by putting more amount i.e. ₹2000 on the dragon.




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