Best Dragon vs Tiger Win App

Best Dragon vs Tiger Win App

Today in this article I am going to tell about India’s Best Dragon Vs Tiger Win App. You get ₹30 bonus by downloading this app and signing up with your mobile number.

In this app in last 1 year i have earned ₹120000 by playing dragon vs tiger game.  Most of the people in India are using this app. If you also want to earn money from this app then you have to install the app by clicking on the download button given below. After that you have to sign up with your mobile number. To add money on this app, you can add money by clicking on the add cash button. After adding around ₹500, you can win if you play Dragon vs Tiger game.

Contents of games in this app

Point Rummy

Teen Patti

Poker war

Best of Five

Pool Rummy

Teen Patti Joker

Lucky Lottery

Vegas Fruits

Happy Farmer

Fishing Rush

7up Down

Cricket Battle

Texas Hodem

Dragon vs Tiger Win Trick

First of all open this game and watch it carefully. How much amount has been done on Dragon side and how much amount has been done on Tiger side, it has to be seen carefully. If the D side is about ₹10000 and the T side is 8500 rupees, then you have to put the bat in the shortest time. Similarly, if there is a difference of amount, then you will win only where you have invested more money.

Another track If the dragon is coming continuously then you have to go to the dragon itself. If the tiger is coming, then you have to constantly go to the tiger until you lose. If someone comes alternately such as D followed by T, similar series will run, then you have to go the same way.


Rummy 51 bonus